Updating and managing a website can be this simple. Point, click, edit.

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Your design, our technology. The best of both worlds.

No preset templates that you are forced to choose from. We offer a website solution that gives you the design you want and the control you need to keep your content up-to-date and search engine optimised.

Your website is only as good as the content that's on it.

Because if potential customers drop by, only to find outdated information, there's a good chance they'll never come back. Or, worse still, go to a competitor. So it's vital to keep everything up-to-date, which will also help with your all-important SEO.

The problem is changing content can take ages if you do it yourself - and can be expensive if you get someone else to do it. Little wonder lots of websites out there aren't working as hard as they could to attract business. That's where The Box CMS comes in. It contains everything you need to change your web content. Quickly and easily...just point, click, edit.

Here's how it works.


We create your website design, to represent your brand look and feel. This process is completely flexible to give you the page template designs and layouts your business needs.


Choose what custom functionality you want. These could include an events calendar, newsletter creator, RSS feeds, registration page and image gallery.


Once your site is ready you can edit it whenever you like and create as many additional pages as you want. For free. And with The Box CMS, managing the content is as easy as point, click, edit.


Custom design

No standardised, preset templates to choose from. You get a bespoke design service to create a website that is tailored to represent your company.

Maximise your SEO exposure

The Box CMS helps to maximise your SEO exposure by allowing you to add custom meta data to each page for Keywords and Description. Another bonus is that all of your pages will automatically have 'SEO friendly' URLs. And because The Box CMS allows you to edit page content whenever you want, you can also keep on top of your keywords page density.

Be in control of your content

You can control how people perceive your company through your website, 24/7. React to market changes, be totally current, use your website to support tenders and product launches – it's all possible.

What's in The Box?

The Box CMS uses front-end heavy, cutting edge features that are all grouped under the HTML5 banner. So while the admin side needs a modern desktop browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome, the clean semantic code created by The Box CMS will be compatible with mobile devices and older browsers.

All you need to worry about is the content. The Box CMS takes care of the rest, generating SEO-compliant HTML to help your customers find you.

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